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Our Program

1. The Test

We offer a simple blood test by the makers of Spectracell. The blood test can be taken Monday through Friday at your convenience and overnight mailed to Spectracell’s laboratory. The test includes over 30 different micronutrients from vitamins and minerals to amino acids and antioxidants. Your results are returned to us in a direct, easy to read packet. Sample results will appear as below with deficiency and potential repletion notes.

Precise repletion notes are given in quantitative measures. Midwest Compounders Pharmacy takes these measurements and creates supplements for your EXACT needs.

2. Liver Detoxification

After taking the test you will be placed on Midwest Compounders Pharmacy’s very own liver detoxification program. The detoxification pills help to eliminate toxins, hard metals, and other harmful items from your liver and body. This detox will set you up for a “fresh” start with your new supplements.

3. The Consultation

One of our skilled health care professionals will walk you through your micronutrient test results step by step. We are here to help you with any questions you may have and provide you with any literature that you will need along the way. We will discuss both supplemental and lifestyle changes that can help you feel up to your full potential.

4. Supplementation Program

We can provide you with supplements in multiple ways.

Being a compounding pharmacy we have highly specialized machines and health care professionals that are able to create your own individual supplements. All compounds are created by a pharmacist using state of the art technology. All powders are weighed out individually and deliberately, eliminating a chance of cross-contamination.

Having your supplements made specifically is the best choice for you for multiple reasons. Please do not hesitate to direct any of your questions to one of our health care practitioners today! For specific information regarding the test please refer to Spectracell's website.

*You may also purchase from our reputable pharmaceutical grade supplements in stock or by special order. Companies we carry include, but are not limited to: Metagenics, Pure Encapsulations, Orthomolecular, and Thorne.

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