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Custom Nutrition

Why compound your supplements?

No two bodies were created equal meaning that the general nutritional guidelines do not always meet our specific needs. Using specific micronutrient testing we can determine what a person is lacking and by exactly what quantity.

Reduced Pill Intake-
Tired of taking handfuls of supplements a day? Are you taking a supplement but only need one or two of the ingredients listed? By compounding your specific supplements we are able to combine your needs down to a few pills, or perhaps just one. Being able to compound also reduces the use of fillers and excess products.

Get all of your supplemental needs at one location for one price. Compounding cuts the need for multiple bottle purchases. Getting your supplements in three month increments makes for an even better price solution!

Know what you are putting in your body-
According to the National Institute of Health, supplements have no FDA regulations and are not inspected before going on product shelves. Midwest Compounders Pharmacy uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure what you need is what you will receive and nothing more.